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Importance of the Building Envelope:
Infrared building envelope analysis is the only proven, nondestructive and complete method for troubleshooting building heat loss and moisture problems. Building owners use envelope testing to save millions of dollars every year by reducing energy costs, minimizing structural damage, and enhancing occupant comfort and health.

An infrared analysis can help you with the following:

Reduce heating and cooling costs
Locate causes of frozen pipes and ice dams
Prioritize and document heat loss problems
Increase energy efficiency and boost profits
Pinpoint missing, damaged or wet insulation
Increase energy efficiency and boost profits
Detect conditions likely to support growth of mold and mildew
Determine best options for energy-saving renovation and retrofits
Identify cost-effective strategies for achieving LEED credits

Heat losses from buildings are accelerated by structural problems, poor construction practices, missing or inadequate insulation, moisture infiltration and air leakage. Escaping heat creates a thermal signature that can be detected with infrared thermography. Building envelope analysis pinpoints underlying problems in the physical plant. From this data we produce a comprehensive report to provide the building owner with detailed information about the locations, causes and extent of problems in the building envelope.
Non-Destructive Testing:
"Bringing your problems to light"
Commercial and Industrial Infrared Services in North Texas.
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The building envelope is the single most crucial element of any commercial building. A building envelope includes all components of a building that enclose conditioned space. Building envelopes create a separation between the interior and the exterior environments. The building envelope also serves as the outer shell to protect the indoor environment from outdoor weather conditions. A building envelope design must include a solid, well formed structure, a drainage plane, an air barrier and a thermal barrier. If any one of these building envelope components fail, is damaged or is not constructed properly, minor to serious building damage can occur.

Many professional commercial building inspectors and energy auditors use infrared imaging technology to assess the performance of this "thermal envelope" in the process of calculating energy efficiency of commercial buildings. An infrared building envelope survey provides information on air infiltration, air exfiltration, moisture laden insulation, insulation voids and moisture problems within the wall assembly.
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A) Infrared Image of an office building wall.  Taken when in the winter when temperatures were low.  The heat from the misplaced insulation in the interstitial space above a suspended ceiling.
B) Infrared Image of a new condominium with stucco delamination shown.
C). Infrared Image of a new condominium with missing insulation behind stucco wall.