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Data Center Infrared:
The above infrared image shows uneven cooling down a data center isle. The racks on the right, located adjacent to the floor vents are receiving cooling air; the left racks left are not. This is a "cold" isle where both sides require cooling. Notice the warm area on the floor encroaching into the floor vent near the center of the image; there is an air distribution problem in this isle.

Conditions detectable by an infrared inspection:

Energy waste caused by overcooling
Undercooled hot areas
CRAC unit problems
Supply and return air distribution issues
Cooling airflow blockages
Revalidation of cooling during equipment expansion or reorganization
Cost Effective and Simple Infrared Thermographic Datacener Mapping.
The natural evolution of a datacenter requires adding newer, higher density equipment and retiring technologically older gear. When an upgrade takes place, the original CFD studies and cooling assumptions may not account for the newer configurations and equipment. An infrared survey of the reconfigured racks/isles will detect hot spots or overcooled areas, and validate with thermographic images that your cooling air is being directed accurately and efficiently.

Click here for more details on using infrared to detect hot spots and overcooling in data centers.

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Data Center Image (Case Study):
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Commercial and Industrial Infrared Services in North Texas.
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Downtime in a Data Center is not an option. Infrared thermography is being utilized for regular electrical switchgear surveys, optimizing of cooling systems and servers, and commissioning of all electrical equipment, including UPS modules , PDU (power distribution unit) equipment and computer servers.

Many construction project specifications have infrared surveys as a requirement before the building is turned over to the owner. Data center infrared thermography must have total accountability for all infrared data in the commissioning process, regardless of whether or not there are problems. This accountability can be achieved by documenting all equipment inspected with time, date, location and equipment condition. The thermographer must create a data log and record the infrared video onto a digital storage device of some type. New technologies in data acquisition and report preparation will make historical data (images previously taken) available for comparison. This will enable the thermographer to more closely compare circuit boards and other UPS equipment with previously acquired images. If something fails or causes downtime in the system, an IR image of that component may be referenced to document that the equipment was operational, at thermal steady-state and in acceptable condition when the survey was made.
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