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A proactive maintenance program can help to control costs through less downtime, eliminating production loss, preventing injuries and reducing inventory for standby spare parts.

Some of the conditions detectable by an infrared mechanical inspection include:
Excess heat caused by increased friction is usually the first sign of a future problem. Thermographic imaging will "see" the increased heat finding problems while they are still small and before catastrophic failure happens. With advanced warning of failures, you have an opportunity to take preemptive and corrective measures.
Benefits of a Proactive Mechanical Inspections:
Rotating equipment such as bearings, belts, motors, gear boxes, and other mechanical systems can take considerable advantage of the benefits in early detection and productivity savings provided by thermal imaging technology. 

Facility managers, plant engineers or anyone responsible for safety, production and equipment maintenance should conduct regular infrared thermographic surveys of their mechanical equipment. When mechanical equipment experiences variations in load, environmental exposure, over/under lubrication or incorrect adjustment of it components, the end result is often increased friction between moving parts of the system. The increased friction causes localized "hot spots" which can be pinpointed with our high resolution imager.

Infrared thermal imaging inspections, when used for mechanical inspections can increase safety, prevent downtime, reduce parts inventory and prevent customer delays. All companies can benefit from having an infrared inspection of their mechanical systems as part of any preventative maintenance program.

"Smart" Companies incorporate a mechanical infrared inspection program:
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Commercial and Industrial Infrared Services in North Texas.
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