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Infrared for Preventitive / Predictive Maintenance:
Infrared Inspections LLC is a full service infrared imaging company.  We provide thermographic inspections at your facility.  Applications include roof systems for moisture infiltration into the installation, electrical for increased resistance, building envelopes for energy loss, and mechanical equipment for overheating, just to name a few.

Infrared roof moisture surveys pinpoint wet insulation in flat roof systems and can save you thousands of dollars on roof repair and replacement costs. Prevent mold risks, roof damage and leaks and slash energy costs with an infrared roof scan.

Infrared building envelope inspections locate and document heat loss problems. Pinpoint missing, damaged, and wet insulation, causes of frozen pipes, ice dams, and cold air infiltration. Reduce heating costs, boost energy efficiency and comfort.

Infrared electrical-mechanical scans quickly and accurately pinpoint hot spots in electrical or mechanical systems. Reduce your maintenance time and increase profits while reducing unscheduled outages and losses, boosting energy efficiency.

Infrared block-wall is the best way to see the grouted cells, insulation and air-leakage in the entire CMU wall section. Infrared testing can be performed at any time during the construction process, without delaying or interrupting any other trades or affecting the progress of the building.

Infrared data-center surveys is used for predictive/preventive maintenance.  We provide a non-destructive, affordable method to detect any potential problems with the mechanical and electrical systems which support the continuous operation of your data center.

Infrared solar panels inspections can be used for the commissioning of commercial arrays as well as residential PV installations. A failure anywhere in the electrical distribution chain can cause problems ranging from reduced efficiency to damage of the system and/or structure.

Infrared Inspections LLC provide our customers with an impartial, factual report on the thermal condition of their fixed and portable capital assets. We provide a non-contact, non-destructive thermographic survey which is quick, convenient and accurate. It can identify defects not easily detected by more conventional methods. The results from our thermographic surveys can alert our customers to take early action to remedy any thermal anomalies identified during the survey. This can limit any work involved to remedial or preventative action, thus possibly avoiding major repair or replacement costs.

 Building maintenance makes up a large part of annual operational expenses, and is necessary to assure longevity of a building's structural integrity and performance.

Using infrared inspections as part of a scheduled maintenance program, will help you identify deficiencies in your electrical, roofing and HVAC systems so that repairs are made proactively and help assure that your building(s) is running at optimal efficiency.

Some of the uses and benefits of infrared predictive maintenance are:
Using high resolution infrared cameras, our certified thermographers have helped clients reduce outages, save maintenance dollars, and improve insurance risks.  Our comprehensive reports have supported ISO, QS, and other certified programs. Our list of repeat customers include over 125 Fortune 500 companies.
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